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January 9, 2023 - CCI Manitoba News

Winnipeg Condos and Garbage Collection Service Requirements

A CBC news item about condos and a lack of onsite garbage collection bins is interesting While condos can choose to use the City's garbage collection service or a private contractor, apparently there is no requirement for having collection bins onsite if you choose not to use the City's service. It seems to be related to an item that came up in December at Winnipeg City Hall EPC meeting - see item 3 of the "Report – Standing Policy Committee on Property and Development – November 30, 2022"

Minutes – Executive Policy Committee – December 7, 2022

Report – Standing Policy Committee on Property and Development – November 30, 2022

Item No. 3 Occupancy Permits – Garbage Bin Requirements for Multi-family Properties


The Executive Policy Committee concurred in the recommendation of the Standing Policy Committee on Property and Development and submitted the following to Council:

1. That the Winnipeg Public Service be directed to report back to the appropriate Standing Committee within 90 days on a garbage management plan process for existing multi- family dwellings within the Housing Improvement Zones.

2. That the Proper Officers of the City be authorized to do all things necessary to implement the intent of the foregoing.

The EPC recommendation pertains to Housing Improvement Zones, which are in the downtown area

It is worth noting that we were contacted in October by one of our long time property management members asking about garbage bin requirements for condos because a bylaw officer was at one of their client properties assessing whether they had adequate garbages bins for the property. We did a brief investigation at the time and reported back to our member inquiry. Here is a summar of what we learned at that time. 

At the Sep 22nd Council Meeting – a motion from the Standing Policy Committee on Property & Development, Heritage and Downtown Development (SPC-PDHDD) with a resolution of 

THEREFORE BE IT RESOLVED that the Winnipeg Public Service be directed to review the occupancy permit process, and other relevant processes, to establish a requirement for multi-family residences to have an adequate number of garbage bins on the premises, regardless of whether garbage collection is provided by the City, or a private contractor. 

If a multi-family property or condo corporation was deemed to have insufficient bin capacity for garbage and recycling, and/or inadequate service of existing bins to the point they are overflowing, it is possible there could be costs incurred to either upgrade service levels or get more bins. 

One thing though that isn’t clear is trying to find out the requirements for bins. The City’s “MyUtility” page has recommended quantities as shown below, but I could not find any firm required quantity.

The following table shows the recommended bin size for a once-a-week collection.

Number of dwelling units

Recommended front-load bin 

8 - 12

1.5 cubic metre (2 yards)

13 - 19

2.25 cubic metre (3 yards)

20 - 25

3.0 cubic metre (4 yards)

26 - 38

4.5 cubic metre (6 yards)

39 +

Contact 311

At this point we're not sure of the scope of the issue. If anyone out there has better information or something to add, please let us know

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