CCI Designations

Before you hire a lawyer, an accountant, a property manager, an insurance agent or any other professional, check their condominium credentials.

Practicing law and practicing condominium law are not one and the same. Practicing property management and practicing condominium property management are two entirely different endeavors.

The Canadian Condominium Institute qualifies and certifies specialists in the field of condominiums from coast to coast. As Canada's only Federally chartered non-profit service organization devoted exclusively to condominiums, the Canadian Condominium Institute is here to advise and assist you and to assure that when you need a competent qualified specialist, you can find one. The ACCI and FCCI designation assure you of expertise of the highest caliber.

What is an A.C.C.I. (Associate of the Canadian Condominium Institute)?

Professional CCI members are entitled to seek accreditation as professional associates of the Canadian Condominium Institute and if successful to use the designatory letters "A.C.C.I." for so long as they remain a professional member in good standing of CCI.

What is an F.C.C.I. (Fellow of the Canadian Condominium Institute)?

CCI may elevate a CCI professional associate to the status of 'Fellow' of the Canadian Condominium Institute. Fellowships recognize and honour associates whose meritorious service to the institute or to the condominium community best exemplify the standards expected by CCI of its professional members.

ACCI's and FCCI's in Manitoba are:
Larry Beeston, FCCI Shelter Canadian Properties Limited
Rob Giesbrecht, FCCI Pitblado LLP
Edie Lipson, FCCI Akman Management
Mickey Rosenberg, FCCI Fillmore Riley LLP

Brenda Brydges, ACCI, CPM ® Brydges Property Management
Petr Kos, ACCI Stevenson Management Services Ltd.
Adrian Schulz, ACCI Imperial Properties


Distinguished Service Awards (DSA's) in Manitoba:
Mike Darricotte
Patricia Reimer


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